Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chaordic Permaculture Institute picks up Financial Permaculture discussion

The Financial Permaculture Course is stirring up some discussion in the international permaculture community!

Stella of the Chaordic Permaculture Institute writes on the international permaculture list: (edited for relevance)
It's great that the term [Financial Permaculture] seems to have gotten all sexy, perhaps also thanks to this initiative, (crashed servers with the traffic etc.)...

I've attempted to get my head round all the links (is anyone else confused?) and tried to 'map' some sort of wider scenario this might fit into ... and need help! please let me know how you would edit this brief panorama here:

which you can edit yourself (as any of the rest of the site). just ask
me or any of the design team for the password. ...


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