Saturday, October 25, 2008


Seriously. This is one of the most awesome presentations I've seen yet at the Financial Permaculture Course.

In a Nutshell: Eric Waldrop of has solved the major challenges of Traditional Farmer's Market's, Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), & Buying Clubs with an easy-to-use piece of internet software. (No nerds required! - Did I saw "wow?")

The virtual farmer's market he runs in Athens, Georgia has 60 growers, 1500 customers, and does over $10,000 of sales every week. By Eric's reckoning, that makes it the largest Farmer's Market in Georgia and the One of the largest in the Southeast USA. (Did I say "wow?")

I almost can't believe the ease and grace with which Eric has used the permaculture principle "the problem is the solution" to transform the challenges of small-scale ecological farming into stunningly simple solutions.

The Food & Agriculture business design group is in complete awe. I'm not even sure if we need investment capital to get this business started! Eric has made this so easy that half the participants (myself included!) are running home to start up their own local virtual farmers markets.

Watch a video explaining Click Here

One word descriptions of Eric's presentation by Financial Permaculture Course participants:
Awesome, fantastic, connective, wow, congratulations, nouveau, hopeful, excited, hunky dory, impatient to do, inspired, valuable, do it, possibilities, resourceful, cool, great, brilliant, cutting edge!!!


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