Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging Directives for Regenerative Learning Events

Patrick, Greg, and I sat down earlier this week to talk about how we
could best make information-rich blogs that are accessible to a wide
range of people. This meeting comes on the cusp of the financial
permaculture course
, which we will be real-time blogging in order to
tell the story of a small-town gathering to explore solutions for a
resilient local economy.

Our Gaia University blogging team will use the following guidelines (as a
mindmap and a list) for creating quality real-time blog the
Financial Permaculture Course in Hohenwald, TN.

Blogging Directives

- TELL participants' stories -- use their words and perceptions.
- HARVEST useful information and resources (ideas, people, theories, businesses, organizations, websites) for later distillation.

- BLOG in the first person. Personalize the story you tell.
- ENLIVEN your posts -- use anecdotes, humor, and metaphor.
- WRITE clearly and accessibly -- short sentences
- LINK the crap out of your blog posts.
Aim for at least 3 links per post. At a minimum, link to

Other bloggers:


- CONNECT your posts to big IESD ideas: Permaculture, Peak Oil, Patrix-Busting, Slow Food, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, Art of Mentoring, Collaboration
- DEMONSTRATE your content with images, live photos, and graphics.

- So, whenever any participant...

- ...echoes or resonates with the FPC meta-story,
- ...tells a personal story that moves you,
- ...shares a piece of juicy information that's new to you,

Digiphon: This post was written with OmniOutliner Pro on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.5 (Leopard). The mindmap was made with VUE, an excellent, cross-platform, free concept-mapping and ontology software program.

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