Friday, December 12, 2008

Permaculture in Croatia

Check this out! From the International Permaculture Listserv...

Dear friends,

yesterday the national Croatian television showed a documentary about

permaculture and Fukuoka, where also the place where i live now was

included. We started a new ecovillage initiative with 3 grown ups and 2 kids

in an abandoned village named Furuli in Istria, Croatia. The video can be

seen on as the

first part, and the second part on we have also

a web page, where Armano's artistic work is

presented. He use natural materials and waste for his work. The ecovillage

concept is to combine art, permaculture and spirituality, which we already

live here, as a natural and easy sustainable lifestyle. There is a lot of

work which is going on, we want to broaden the garden, secure water supply,

and bring more people here to join. Any volonteering, advice and other

support is warmly welcome.

I wish you all the best for the New Year, just keep on going and never



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