Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holistic Management for Financial Permaculture

Fresh from Darren Doherty, visionary permaculture + Keyline designer at www.permaculture.biz, we would do well to take a look at Holistic Management for the financial side of Permaculture & Ecological Agriculture.


Management® Works.

On 30 million acres worldwide.

HMI works with people around the world to heal damaged land and increase the productivity of working lands.

healing the earth’s desertified lands, and by managing healthy land in
concert with natural processes, we can repair our malfunctioning
ecosystem while achieving a “triple bottom line” of economic,
environmental and social sustainability.

Darren says: "What permaculture lacks is a decision-making framework. What holistic management lacks is a design framework. Let's put together a dowry."

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